My friend Denver J and his band played at a downtown bar on February 7, 2015 called Harlow’s.  This bar was their biggest gig they’ve had to date since they came together as a band.  It was great seeing him performing on stage.  He always has an incredible stage presence and high energy.  Not to mention, he’s got the whole Adam Levine look going for him – yes ladies, that was for you.

I’m normally not a concert photographer, even though at times I feel like I could be.  I really wanted to test the low light capabilities of my full frame camera – Nikon D750.  FYI, this camera took me four years to save up for – originally was going to pick up the D610 until Nikon out of the blue announce the D750.  

Anyway, I digress.  As I was saying, I wanted to test the low light capabilities and see for myself how my camera would perform.  To say the least, watching all the bands including Denver’s was really fun and having this camera to capture some of those moments was really great.  Below are just a couple of images from Denver’s set at Harlow’s, and you can really see how well the D750 does in low light situations.  The rest can be seen in all its full resolution glory on my website.  

Until next time, GO SHOOT SOMETHING!